ISKCON.NET Internal Users benefit from having easy access to a global contacts directory of Internal Users and External Contacts.


Internal Users are ISKCON.NET members. They have email addresses and Google Accounts, allowing them access to the range of G Suite products.


External Contacts are devotees who would like to appear in the ISKCON.NET contacts directory without becoming Internal Users of ISKCON.NET. External Contacts cannot see the directory, they are simply signing up for the benefit of Internal Users to reach them.




Internal Users can view the global Contacts directory at:


Instant search:


  • If you are using Gmail in your web browser, or the Gmail mobile app, you benefit from instant search when composing emails.
  • As you start typing an email address in the To, Cc or Bcc fields, instant search suggests matching contacts from your address book along with matching contacts from the ISKCON.NET global directory.
  • If there are multiple ISKCON.NET directory suggestions for a user, the first suggestion is their main email address and the remaining are their email aliases.
  • Simply use your keyboard down and up arrow keys to scroll through the suggestions and press the Enter key to select the contact you want, or use your mouse pointer to directly select the contact you want.


Important: If you are signed into multiple Google Accounts, ensure that you have selected your ISKCON.NET account when viewing any G Suite product page: In the top right of your browser, click on the round icon containing your first initial and select your ISKCON.NET account. Learn more about managing multiple Google Accounts.




Google Groups are mailing lists (conferences). Internal Users can view the Groups directory at


Visit our Groups information page to learn more about Groups in ISKCON.NET.