ISKCON.NET Groups are Google Groups. They are essentially mailing lists (conferences), but they can be treated as web forums too if archiving is switched on.


The email address format of an ISKCON.NET Group will always end in


You can view all existing groups in the ISKCON.NET Groups Directory. The directory is only visible to logged in members. Initially all groups are displayed to all members, but a group owner can configure a group to be hidden from the directory. There are many other granular controls too.


The owner of the group moderates the group at his/her sole discretion.


Note that the sender of an email post to a group will not receive an email copy of that post. If you want to receive an email copy of your own post, you must post via the Groups website.


External email addresses can be added to an ISKCON.NET Google Group. You need a Google Account in order to view Google Groups online or manage your subscription settings. If you do not want to view the Google Group online or manage your subscription settings, you can participate without a Google Account by simply sending and receiving post emails.


You can request us to create a new group by emailing us from your account to support [at] iskcon [dot] net with the desired name of the group and the purpose.


You can learn how to manage your Groups here:


Are you using some other groups or mailing list system? Migrating your users to ISKCON.NET Google Groups is easy. All you need is a list of the email addresses that you want to import. First, contact us to create an ISKCON.NET Google Group.  Then, in the admin area of your ISKCON.NET Google Group, click on Members > Direct add members, and follow the simple instructions on that page to add members. N.B.: It’s not possible to migrate the data (historical content) of an external mailing list or external Google Group to ISKCON.NET Google Groups.